Concerned about security? - Want to host a TOR hidden service securely, but you don't know how? - Want to use the internet anonymously?

Stay safe, stay secure - let a professional system engineer do the hard work for you!

Hello, and thanks for visiting this site.
I am a long time system administrator with 15+ years of experience. I have all the knowledge you need to browse the internet anonymously and/or host your own hidden service. This is the website most VPS services do not want you to see.

What am I offering:

For 1 BTC only (one time fee) I'll set up everything on your computer. I'll install and configure every necessary software you need in order to run your own TOR hosting.

(This includes but not necessarily limited to:

I use only free software during the process; no cracked or warez software will be installed on your machine.)

100% discretion and privacy:

I do not WANT to know,
I do not NEED to know, basically I do NOT know, what content you're gonna host.
I'll never ask, and you'll never tell... basically the less I know, the better for the both of us.

The price for my services: 1 BTC. You pay 0.5 BTC before I start working, and 0.5 more BTC after I finished, and you're satisfied with the results.

If you do not want a hosting service, just wanna browse the net full anonymously and securely, I can set up your computer for this purpose for 0.6 BTC only.

Some general questions and answers:

"That's expensive! Why should I choose you, if I can rent a hidden VPS service anytime?"

Too expensive?
Think about it for a minute, I will tell you why it is not. I'll tell you why it is better to host your own server rather than rent an anonymous VPS.
  1. If you pay a monthly fee for an .onion hosting provider (even if you pay just 0.1 / month), you'll reach this 1 BTC soon, and eventually you'll overpass it.
  2. In addition, you cannot fully trust a VPS provider on TOR. They can disappear anytime, and nobody can guarantee you 98%-99/% uptime, which is what you're expecting. The host will be up and down, and there will be nothing you can do about it. But if you're gonna be your own host, you will be in charge for your services, not someone else. 100% uptime? It's up to you, and you only.
  3. And finally, if you're planning to host your service on someone else's computer, you'll basically give them all your data. For example, if you're going to host a site with restricted content, or with exclusive content for paying customers, you will know there is at least 1 person out there, who can bypass your whole security, anytime. (That is the owner of the VPS service.) If data privacy is important to you, you must never host sensitive data on another person's computer.
  4. +1: Think about what happened to Freedom Hosting back in July.
So, a one time payment of 1 BTC for a professional, long-time setup, is this really expensive? I don't think so.

"How dare you to say your work is secure, since it's gonna be you who will set it up? How can I trust YOU?"

Excellent question, but fortunately, you don't have to. After I finish the work, I will INSIST that you change ALL passwords in your newly created system. Furthermore, if you really wanna stay anonymous even before me, I suggest doing all the work with a temporary .onion address. And after everything has been set up, and I'm truly gone, generate a whole new .onion address for your yet-to-be-created website. (I will show you how to do that.) In that way, even I will never know which website I helped to start. (And to be honest, I greatly prefer this method.)
During my work, you'll see everything I do on your computer, you can observe the whole process. You'll see I'm not gonna plant a backdoor or something on your machine.

"Do you offer any guarantee?"

By default no, but I don't need to. A well crafted linux system is a very stable system, and will continue to work long after I'm gone. Just close all the doors behind me (change your passwords), and you'll have a secure, working, stable system. I will even show you how to make backups.
Of course, if something goes horribly wrong, you can contact me for a fix. It will be free if the failure is a fault of mine; but if it turns out to be a user problem or a hardware problem, you will be charged. And yes, I can tell the difference.

If interested, please contact me on my Torchat, which is:
(It changes regularly to further increase everyone's privacy.)

I respect your anonymity: every communication between us (or between me and your machine) will be handled over TOR, and after we finish business,
I delete every reference or evidence which may be linked to you. I only accept Bitcoins as payment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!